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Dreaming of a Designer Gucci Bag?

Looking for that designer handbag you have always dreamed of? Is it a Gucci bag, a Fendi clutch, a Burberry plaid satchel, a YSL tote or Louis Vuitton shopper? Designer handbags and accessories are always made with the highest quality materials and often with hand craftmanship. Therefore, any designer item you purchase will last you a lifetime. You can even consider the purchase of a designer purse as an investment as you will be able to resell the bag later. Any other non-designer purse or wallet you buy will not have any value after it has been used.

For example, a Hermes Birkin bag bought for $10000 can potentially fetch $7500 in resale value even after it has been used and loved by you. Part of the reason for the high resale value is the initial quality of the bags themselves - the leathers, the quality nylons and the beautiful quality hardware. Another reason for high resale values on designer bags is the manufacturing processes, many done strictly by hand. All Hermes bags are fabricated by highly skilled leather craftsmen - each one on an individual basis. This is why they are numbered and stamped with unique markings and identifiers. You will never lose if you opt for a Hermes bag in terms of longevity, quality and purely classic styling.

The Gucci brand offers much more variety in bag styles, colors, sizes and price ranges. Gucci is the iconic Italian brand name designer always with the signature Gucci logo on the handbag - either as an allover pattern or as a simple logo. Gucci offers nylons with the Gucci print or leathers with the Gucci logo embossed on the leather, commonly referred to as the Guccissimo bags. You and everyone else will know you are carrying a Gucci purse.

Gucci ivory ostrich and canvas oversized tote

Gucci Pre-owned: beige GG canvas shoulder bag

Gucci aqua leather bamboo handle shopper tote

Great Bags by one of Italy's Favorite Designers - Fendi

Fendi bags have been around for a long time. Classic styling with exquisite yet simple detailing are the hallmarks of Fendi designs.

For the true lady in you, a Fendi bag will be the classic handbag you grab from your closet for just about any occasion.

Fendi dark brown zucca print canvas and leather oversized tote

Fendi brown canvas leather piping zucca pattern oversized tote

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